9th International Film Festival – The Heart of Slavonia

Out of about 70 films submitted to the competition for the Golden Heart of Slavonia, 22 from local and international productions have entered the competition of the festival. The films will be screened from 26th to 29th June 2012 in the old town core of Djakovo, in the cafe bar ”Click”. The jury will award the films in the category Gold, Silver and Bronze Heart of Slavonia.

Congratulations to all competitors and a lot of success to those who have entered the competition for the Golden Heart of Slavonia.                                                                                  

In the list below you can find all the films which are in the competitive part of the festival Heart of Slavonia:

  1. When Spirits Ride Their Horses, Itsushi Kawase, Japan – Ethiopia, 28 min
  2. The Honey Hunting, Lotta Granbom, Sweeden, 14 min
  3. The Lover and the Beloved: A Journey Into Tantra, Andy Lawrence, UK – India, 70 min
  4. Maestra Ayahuasca, Viliam Poltikovič, Czech Republic, 76 min
  5. Old Man Peter / Starik Peter, Ivan Golovnev, Russia, 26 min
  6. Now I’m Free, Gadi Kviatek, Israel, 50 min
  7. Bitter Roots: The Ends of a Kalahari Myth, Adrian Strong, UK – Namibia, 71 min
  8. 13 Forsaken Fragments, Robert Gardner, USA, 66 min
  9. The Last Tightrope Dancer in Armenia, Yulia Grigoryants, Armenia, 72 min
  10. Himself He Cooks, Valerie Berteau, Belgium, 65 min
  11. Ethnoforensics: Working The Wine, Ivo Kuzmanić, Croatia, 36 min
  12. Singing Lent in Rogotin, Ljiljana Mandić, Croatia, 29 min
  13. The Night of the Dead, Branko Ištvančić, Croatia, 27 min
  14. The Kingdom of Mister Edhi / Le royaume de monsieur Edhi, Amelie Saillez, Belgium – Pakistan, 82 min
  15. Swimming in Space / Nager dans l’espace, Anna Mbiya Katshunga, Germany – Democratic Republic oft he Congo, 43 min
  16. Mehmet′s Curch / Mehmedova Crkva, Bosnia and Herzegovina, 11 min
  17. An Untitled Life, Shin Daewe, Myanmar – Germany, 22 min
  18. Charcoal Boy, Maung Okkar, Myanmar – Germany, 11 min
  19. Sweetie Pie, Sai Kong Kham, Myanmar – Germany, 7 min
  20. Coffee Futures / Neyse Halim Çiksin Falim, Zeynep Devrim Gürsel, Turkey, 22 min
  21. My Land / Mi Chacra, Jason Burlage, Peru, 100 min
  22. The Chairman and the Lions, Peter Biella, Tanzania, 46 min
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